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Social Media Marketing

Getting your new business noticed on Social Media 

My Social Media Marketing Platforms

  1. Facebook: I specialize in establishing and managing Facebook Business Pages, where I curate and disseminate organic content tailored to my clients' needs. Through adept utilization of relevant groups and active engagement with their target demographic, I foster meaningful connections without resorting to paid promotion.

  2. Instagram: In tandem with Facebook, I adeptly navigate the realm of Instagram Business Accounts, crafting and distributing content to captivate audiences. Leveraging features such as comments, direct messaging, and strategic hashtag implementation, I foster authentic interactions to bolster brand presence.

  3. LinkedIn: Within the professional sphere of LinkedIn, I construct and administer business accounts on behalf of my clients, strategically disseminating content via their Company Page. Engaging with a network comprising businesses and individuals aligned with my client's interests, I cultivate meaningful connections to enhance brand visibility.


It is imperative to recognize that while these platforms offer avenues for cost-free promotion, achieving substantial reach and engagement demands a strategic blend of dedication, time, and a robust content strategy.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Social Media Advertising is customized to match the specific needs of each business. My Social Media Marketing (SMM) packages start from as little as £100 per month, and the expenses increase based on the intricacy of the ad design and the frequency of posting on the chosen platforms, as per the client's preferences.

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