Designers of User-Friendly websites!

Basic Website

For personal use, Portfolio's and small businesses.

3 Standard or Dynamic pages

(additional pages can be added at extra cost)

Q: What's the difference between Standard and Dynamic?

A: Standard pages generally display what was added to the page when created, whereas a Dynamic page is a page that can change its content, while keeping the same design and layout. Our dynamic pages are connected to a collection within the Content Manager. This way, you can automatically populate all the pages you want, just by entering info in your collection!

1 Slider banner.

1 Contact form.

Integrated Analytic and Marketing software

Online CMS

(Content Management System)

Allows the alteration of text, adding new photos and videos without touching any structure of the main website pages.

Favicon Logo design.

(The little square icon that's on the page tab next to your sites description)

Instant chat software. 

Google and Bing Search Engine Registration. 

12 months of hosting.

(Hosted by Wix advanced servers and cant be moved due to CMS software)

Includes 12 months of domain name registration (web URL/address)

Training for CMS software via Zoom.

Starting from £450