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Same Web Design quality, Same Customer service, in 12 affordable monthly instalments!

Whether you're a newly formed or a well-established company, releasing the funds for a new Website can feel like a big step to take.

For this very reason, we're offering a 'Rent to Buy' service on all our new web designs!

How it works - Terms and Conditions.

The 1st payment will be due on the date of order and will cover the Setup fees + the 1st monthly instalment.

The remaining money due for the web design will be divided into 11 monthly instalments.

Your 2nd monthly payment will be due one month after your new website goes live to the public.

On your 12th monthly payment, the website becomes your property and you will become responsible to continue to pay the yearly hosting and domain name fees.


Should you need any further major up-scaling on the website during the 11 monthly instalments time bracket, the extra cost will be divided between the remaining monthly instalments.


If for any reason you stop paying your monthly instalments, the website will go offline after 7 days and will remain in an offline state until all arrears are paid in full.

If you find that you no longer need the website at any point in the 12-month 'rent to buy' period, just let us know and you'll no longer need to make any further payments and the website will remain the property of 'Ican Web Design'.

No refund will be given for payments already received.


There's no contract to be signed!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us!

The Small print

If your website was designed using Editor X software, it will need to remain on the current web servers to work correctly and cannot be moved to another hosting provider.

Your hosting provider will give you prior notice before your contract renewal payments are due and will possibly be collected 2 weeks in advance to avoid interruption to your websites service.

All further dealing regarding your hosting and domain name will be dealt with by the hosting provider, not 'Ican Web Design'.